Authorization Letter for PSA

Birth, Marriage, Death certificates, and other civil registry documents are now available online! To apply for these documents, you must visit Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). To get these documents, you need a letter of authorization. In this post, we will discuss everything in detail.

What is a PSA authorization letter?

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The PSA authorization letter is needed to request, demand, receive and collect documents such as birth certificates, CENOMAR, marriage certificates, and death certificates, from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) regarding your application.

Details to Fill in the PSA authorization letter

1) The Name of the person authorizing the agent: ____________________________

2) The Name of the agent being authorized: ___________________________

3) The purpose of the authorization (what the agent is being authorized to do): ___________________________________________________________

4) The duration of the authorization (if it is for a specific time period): ___________________________________________________________

5) The date of the authorization: ___________________________

6) The signature of the person authorizing the agent: ___________________________

7) The Name and contact information of the notary public witnessing the signature: ___________________________

8) The stamp or seal of the notary public: ___________________________;

Sample Authorization Letter for PSA

I, ____________________, hereby authorize ________________________ to be my true and lawful attorney-in-fact and agent for me and in my Name, place and stead, to do and perform the following acts, matters and things:

1) To request, demand, receive and collect from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), any and all documents, papers and records regarding my ___________________ application;

2) To represent me in any and all hearings, conferences or meetings that may be scheduled in connection with my ___________________ application;

3) To do such other acts, matters that may be necessary or incidental to the foregoing as my attorney-in-fact and agent.

This authorization shall remain in full force and effect until revoked by me in writing.


Date: _________________________

Signature over Printed Name of Principal: ___________________________


Doc. No.: _________________;

Page No.: _________________;

Book No.: _________________;

Series of ________________.


I, the undersigned authority, certify that I have personally examined the person who is known to me to be the principal herein and

_____________________________ who has executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me that the same is his/her free act and deed. Given this ________________ day of ___________________________, 20_______, at __________________________.

CTC No.: ___________________;

Issued on: _________________;

Expires on: ________________.

Signature over Printed Name of Notary Public: _________________________

Type or Print Name Under Signature: _____________________________`;

The document should be notarized, and a notary public should witness the signature.

Requirements for the Authorization Letter

  1. A notary public must notarize the letter.
  2. The person requesting the birth certificate must sign the letter.
  3. The letter must state the purpose for which the birth certificate is requested.
  4. The letter must contain the name and contact information of the person requesting the birth certificate.
  5. The letter must contain the name of the child whose birth certificate is requested.
  6. The letter must contain the PSA Control Number of the child whose birth certificate is requested.
  7. The letter must be dated and notarized within six months from the date of request.
  8. The requestor’s valid government-issued photo ID must be attached to the letter.
  9. If the requestor is not the mother or father of the child, additional documentation may be required to prove the relationship to the child or legal authority to request the document on behalf of the child (e.g., death certificate, court order).
  10. Fees may apply and vary depending on the request method (e.g., in-person, mail, online).


By providing a notarized authorization letter, you are giving PSA permission to release your child’s birth certificate to you or another designated person. Be sure that your authorization meets all requirements for PSA to process your request efficiently and without delay.

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