What is a Notarized Authorization Letter?

There are many situations when you need to provide a notarized authorization letter. For example, you may need to authorize someone to pick up a package on your behalf, or you need to give someone permission to access your financial records. It is vital to ensure that your authorization letter is notarized perfectly so that it will be legally binding.

What is a Notarized Authorization Letter

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A notarized authorization letter is a letter that grants another person the legal authority to perform specific tasks or duties on your behalf. The most common use for a notarized authorization letter is to give someone else the authority to sign documents for you. This authorization letter must be notarized to be considered legal and binding.

The person who signs the notarized authorization letter is known as the “principal,” while the person to whom the authority is delegated is known as the “agent.” For an authorization letter to be notarized, the principal and agent must appear before a Notary Public and sign the document before them.

Once the document has been Notarized, it becomes a legal and binding contract between the principal and agent. This means that if the agent delegates any of their delegated authority to a third party, the principal will still be held liable for any actions or damages.

Choosing your agent is essential, only delegating authority to someone you trust implicitly. It’s also important to be as specific as possible when drafting your notarized authorization letter to avoid misunderstanding what tasks or duties your agent is authorized to perform on your behalf.

Sample Notarized Authorization Letter

This is to authorize ____________________________ to act on my behalf in regards to ___________________________________________.

I certify that ____________________________ has my permission to act on my behalf and that any decisions made by them will be binding on me. I understand that this authorization extends to all matters related to ___________________________________________.

This authorization will remain in effect until ____________________________.

Date: ____________________________

Signature: ____________________________


Notary Public’s Signature and Seal

Tips for writing a Notarized Authorization Letter

  1. The first step is to include the date at the top of the letter. This will ensure that there is no confusion as to when the letter was written.
  2. The next step is to include the full Name, address, and contact information of both the person who is giving authority (the “grantor”) and the person receiving authority (the “grantee”).
  3. The third step is clearly stating what authority is being granted. It could be “the authority to sign legal documents on my behalf” or “the authority to pick up my child from school”.
  4. The fourth step is for the grantor to sign the letter before a Notary Public. The Notary will then place their official stamp or seal on the letter.
  5. The fifth and final step is for the grantee to bring the notarized letter with them when they need to exercise the authority granted to them.


A notarized authorization letter is a legal and binding document that grants another person the authority to perform specific tasks or duties on your behalf. A Notary Public must notarize this document for it to be considered valid. When drafting your notarized authorization letter, specify precisely what tasks or duties you are authorizing your agent to perform on your behalf to avoid misunderstanding or confusion.

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