Sample Letter Requesting Use of a Facility

Many churches have beautiful facilities for weddings, concerts, or other events. If you are interested in using a church facility for your event, the first step is to submit a request letter. In your letter, you will need to provide basic information about your event and contact information.

What is a Request Letter for Using Church Facility?

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A Request Letter for Using Church Facility is a letter sent to a church asking permission to use their facilities. The letter should include the Name of the person or organization requesting to use the facility, the purpose of the event, the date and time of the event, and any other relevant information. The church should respond to the request in writing, granting or denying permission to use their facilities.

Sample Request Letter for Using Church Facility

Below is a sample letter requesting the use of a church facility. You can use this letter as a template when crafting your request.


Name of Church


City, State Zip Code

Dear Church Board,

I am writing to request permission to use your church facility for my upcoming event. The event is [Name of event] and will be held on [date of event].

I am expecting [number of guests], and we will need access to the facility at [time], and we will need it until [time]. We will be respectful of your property and clean up before we leave.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at [phone number] or [email address]. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]

Tips to Follow when writing a Request Letter for Church Facility?

Follow these tips to make sure your Request Letter for Church Facility is proper:

  1. The letter should be addressed to the church official granting permission to use the facility.
  2. The letter should be written in a formal tone.
  3. You should state the reason for requesting to use the facility.
  4. All relevant information, such as the date and time of the event, should be included.
  5. The letter should be polite and respectful.

Following these tips on writing a request letter for a church venue will increase your chances of having your event approved.


Finally, we can say that the church is an important institution in our society, and its facilities should be used for the benefit of the community. We hope you will grant our request to use your facility for our upcoming event.

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